Disclaimer: Not the Rowling.


Warning: DARK. Not sure where this came from. Probably been reading too many Year 5 fics recently...

“Hello.”  :  voice.
“Hello.”  :  writing.
‹Hello.›  :  thought.

Reaping the Whirlwind

“Oi Harry! What’s that?”

“Dunno Ron; I found it on my bed. Hang on...”

“Dear Harry,”
“I can’t let it go on any more.”



“Professor Umbridge?”

“Yes, what is it—” ‹blood traitor› “—child?”

“I was wondering if I could have a word with you...”



“She’s hurting you Harry. You’re trying to hide it, but I know.”

“I can’t let it go on.”

“Don’t try to follow me. Your hands have to be clean.”

“Harry, get the map.”



“All right dear, come into my office.” She turns to the door.

‹Now!› «STAB»

Augh! You little bitch!”

«STAB» ‹Take that you evil toad!›






“Please burn this once you’ve read it. There mustn’t be anything to connect you...”

I solemnly swear I’m up to no good! Can you see her Ron?”

“Hang on... DADA corridor!”



“Why?” croaked the Toad.

“For Harry.” «STAB»




‹I’m sorry Harry. I can’t go to Azkaban...›




Ron and Harry looked on in horror as the dot representing Dolores Umbridge faded from the map, shortly followed by the one beside her.

“I’m sorry Harry, but we’ll never be together.”

“At least I can do this for you.”

“I love you.”

“Romilda Vane”

Like I said... not sure where it came from.