All this software is freeware. (Those that I can find the source code for are open source too.) Do what you like with them, as long as you don't claim you wrote them.
Maraneldan Disk Casting
File: gzipped tarball, 142K (download)
Contents: HTML wrapper, Javascript application, support files and images
A divination toy, based on one of the divination methods used in the Maranelda RPG universe. Not to be taken seriously!
Play it here!
File: Zip archive, 514Kb (download)
Contents: Java and image source, HTML wrapper
A solitaire game using the Maraneldan deck of cards. Very challenging to work out, gameplay is similar to Spider Solitaire.
Play it here!
File: Zip archive, 2.71Kb (download)
Contents: Java and image source, HTML wrapper
Probably the first game anyone ever programmed on their ZX81, Spectrum, Oric or BBC Micro, now available as an (badly written) Java applet -- what amazes me is that something that took six lines in BASIC needs over two hundred in Java.
Use the left and right cursor keys to avoid the meteors; press Enter or click in the applet to restart if you can't wait 10 seconds.
Play it here!
Jetan Emulator
File: Zip archive, 34.0Kb (download)
Contents: three HTML files (two with Javascript source); 45 GIFs
A simulator for Jetan, the chess-like game played by the inhabitants of Barsoom in Edgar Rice Burrough's novels.
Play it here!
File: Compact Pro self-extracting archive, 10.8Kb (download)
Contents: one Apple Mac System 7-era executable
An extremely simple but quite challenging shoot-em-up in a traditional style.
File: Zip archive, 7.74Kb (download)
Contents: one HTML file with JavaScript source; four GIFs
A simple little game. Click on the gems to flip them over, and try to get them all to show their green side. But flip one, and others flip with it...
Play it here!
Tile Scramble
File: Zip archive, 34.3Kb (download)
Contents: one HTML file with JavaScript source; 25 JPEGs
Click on a tile to slide it onto the blank square. Try to reassemble the picture! (Should be easy to customise: use your own picture; change the number of tiles...)
Play it here!
Noughts and Crosses
File: Zip archive, 4.85Kb (download)
Contents: one HTML file with JavaScript source; five GIFs
Tic-tac-toe to some. Challenge the computer at what may be the simplest game on earth!
Play it here!
Contract Bridge Scoresheet
File: Zip archive, 41.9Kb (download)
Contents: one Microsoft Excel SR-1 spreadsheet
A handy tool for those who play bridge face-to-face but have a computer nearby. Record the declarer, contract and tricks made, and the sheet works out the score, complete with running totals.. (Hint: Make copies of the blank sheet to record each game, and type each player's name the same way each time; an analysis package may be available soon!)
Bouncing Bertie
File: Zip archive, 7.13Kb (download)
Contents: one Euphoric .tap file
Inspired by Q-Bert, this simple yet addictive Oric Atmos game will keep you amused for hours. If you don't have the necessary hardware, download the Euphoric emulator here.
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