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13 Winter Solstices

A song.

Reaping the Whirlwind


Sometimes, people can be pushed too far. Especially if you hurt the ones they love...

Potter, Inverted (C11)

KA-CHING! To the Victor, the Spoils?

Potter, Inverted (C10)

JEALOUS! A Mother's Blessing!

Potter, Inverted (C09)

Sirius is free!

Potter, Inverted (C08)


Potter, Inverted (C07)


Secrecy broken, an opportunity missed

Potter, Inverted (C06)

Harry and Lina explore the castle

Potter, Inverted (C05)

Harry enters Hogwarts

Potter, Inverted (C04)

Harry meets Lina properly

Potter, Inverted (C03)

Harry / Lina settle in.

Potter, Inverted (C02)

Violence, Language

Lina / Harry steps out into the world...

Potter, Inverted (C01)


A tale of fantasy and body-warping accidental magic. Harry retreats from his family's violence behind the shield of a character he's read about and grown to admire. No pairings.

Trial, pt 1

First in a series of not-so-petty revenge fics, where I try to redress some of the more egregious displays of inhumanity on the part of 'heroes' from other fics.


"Measuring the thickness of cauldron bottoms? What a stupid job!" Or not.


Harry Potter, post-Hogwarts. Gilderoy Lockhart sacrifices himself to save another from death... (spamfic).

Smile (Zombie Apocalypse Remix)


I suppose this is filk. Oh noes...

Her Last Bow

Lime, Violence, Language

The wedding is over, the houses are finally joined. But first Genma vanishes, followed by Ranma, then Ukyō... can Nabiki and Cologne track them down before it's too late? Rated for violence, occasional sexual references, and character death.


Spamfic, part of the "Petty Revenge" collection

Darry's Introduction to the Panverse

A quick introduction to the nature of the Panverse and the navigation system used throughout these fics.