Bob's Burger Bar


Bob's Burger Bar is a battalion-strength mercenary unit formed around the concept of supplying commissary, transport, and logistics support to other merc units which may not be large enough to handle these details themselves. (Best explanation: when playing MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries, there's a good chance that those "cycle" and "drop" fees are being paid to BBB.) They also, by necessity, have some base defense capacity, but refuse point-blank to take part in any assault missions.

Major Jon Roberts founded Bob's Burger Bar with the principle of Family as its central tenet. Most of the members are the fourth, fifth or even sixth generation of their families to work for the Bar. The Bar takes care of its own: putting youngsters through school and college, bailing adults out of trouble, finding non-combat positions in or out of the unit for those who want out, and looking after the sick and elderly. They are always open to new members joining though, especially if they bring new tech or abilities with them.

Upgrading to the best tech available is a major concern for the unit: BBB leapt on Clan tech with great joy when it became readily available, selling off two perfectly operational 'mechs and numerous weapons and support systems in exchange for upgraded versions.


Though in existence for several generations, only their post-3060 roster is available at this time.



  • Colonel William Roberts, CO
  • 7 other staff officers
  • 10 office staff

JumpShip Burger Heaven

Ohio-class JumpShip [430000t: ERPPC x 8, NL35 x 2, 6 docking rings, 4 docking bays, 1000t cargo]

  • Captain Mikhael Tesla, CO
  • 5 other officers
  • 6 gunners
  • 25 crew

The ship now known as the Burger Heaven had been in the Tesla family for at least a century before they joined BBB. They retain nominal ownership of the hardware, and supply the majority of its officers and crew.

DropShip Spaghetti Factory

Overlord-class DropShip [9700t: ERPPC x 4, CGAUSS x 6, CLRM 20 x 6, ERLARGE x 6, Artemis IV, 24 mech bays, 6 fighter bays, 1000t cargo, 150kph]

  • Captain Geoff Richardson, CO
  • 7 other officers
  • 6 gunners
  • 29 crew

DropShip NanaKusa

Overlord-class DropShip [9700t: ERPPC x 4, CGAUSS x 6, CLRM 20 x 6, ERLARGE x 6, Artemis IV, 24 mech bays, 6 fighter bays, 1000t cargo, 150kph]

  • Captain Wakaba Tanaka, CO
  • 7 other officers
  • 6 gunners
  • 29 crew

Property of the Tanaka family for three generations, since it was seized by Gurio Tanaka after a fight which left his Union-class ship unserviceable.


BBB's 'mechs are carefully chosen and equipped to fit with their base-defense philosophy. Light, fast 'mechs which can scout out an assault force and tag them with NARC beacons, then run before they become a threat, and medium 'mechs capable of delivering a solid coup de grace to anything that survives the missile spam. [Note that the 'mechs are using MW4: Merc builds (max armour, fill remaining weight with heat sinks) which may need adjusted for other use.]

Osiris [25t: CNARC, ERLARGE, Jump Jets, LAMS, IFF Jammer, Advanced Gyro, 130kph]

  • Pilot Don 'Shark' Langford
  • 1 dedicated tech

Raven [30t: CNARC, ERLARGE, BAP, ECM, LAMS, IFF Jammer, Advanced Gyro, 120kph]

  • Pilot Tammy Wang
  • 1 dedicated tech

Shadowcat [45t: CUAC10, LARGEL, LAMS, Advanced Optics, 102kph]

  • Pilot Boris Cherenkov
  • 1 dedicated tech

Uziel [50t: ER PPC x 2, LAMS, Heat Sinks x 12, 101kph]

  • Pilot Rob Starling
  • 1 dedicated tech


6 Growler Light LRM Carriers [45t: CLRM-20 x 2 (x30), BAP, 43/65kph]

  • 3 crew each

Demolisher II Heavy Tank 'Executioner' [100t: CUAC-20 x 2 (x40), 32/54kph]

  • 3 crew

Air Support

4 NightWind Attack Helicopters [25t: CLRM-10 x 2 (x12), MPLAS x 2, 165kph]

  • 1 pilot (each)
  • 1 gunner (each)
  • 1 dedicated tech (each)

Motor Pool

  • 8 Jeep-type groundcars
  • 24 5t trucks
  • 192 vehicle/support personnel

Ground Troops

  • 250 ground troops
  • 50 headquarters

Camp Followers

  • 48 non-combatant spouses and other adult family members
  • 76 teens in apprenticeships or home-schooling
  • 8 infants