Mad Elf's Problem Page is intended to be a joke: after all, a problem page for role-playing characters is a rather silly idea. However, this disclaimer is included just in case some people don't realise that.
Real People
Mad Elf does not help real people (they're too complicated). Real people should go to a real agony aunt. Any problems that don't appear to be from role-playing characters will be binned.
Problems from Problems
It may come to pass that someone actually has their character act on the advice presented on this page, so...
The producers of Mad Elf's Problem Page make no claims that the advice presented here will be of any use whatsoever.
No liability is accepted for any injury, any loss of life, property, Hit Points, reputation or SAN; or any other damage, either world-real, game-real, perceived or imagined, resulting from the advice given on Mad Elf's Problem Page.
Legal Hassles
All people, places, organisations and whatever mentioned in Mad Elf's Problem Page are fictional. Any resemblance to any real person, place, organisation or whatever (either past, present or future) is purely coincidental.