Love between Law and Chaos
Hi, Mad Elf, I'm a bit unsure about where to start. I'm a huntress of Artemis and I've been invited to join the Hunters of the Dead. I like the idea of hunting down the undead and killing them and it would fit my lifestyle which is mostly one of wandering the lands killing abominations and other nasties. But I've met the most wonderful man!! He is very clever and cute and faithful to his goddess. The only problem is that goddess is Athena and he's a bit of a strait-laced type. I've talked to his friends, well, sort of companions and they say they're on a quest from which they can't be sidetracked. So he's not the type to wander. We're stuck in a fort under attack from humanoids at the moment so we're seeing quite a lot of each other. So I'm wondering what I should do. Half of my heart tells me to become a Hunter of the Dead and roam about putting undead to rest. The other half tells me to stay with this follower of Wisdom but I'm not sure if I would be happy either way. help.
Mad Elf replies...
Dear Huntress of Artemis, It appears that your main point of worry is that one of you will have to give up your calling to be with the other. Does this need to be the case? I would expect Artemis to approve your joining a worthy quest, especially since a trained killer of undead is usually over-worked on such a mission. Does being a Hunter of the Dead preclude wandering in the same direction as your loved one? I think there is a good chance for compatibility here. Look at your two goddesses: both value the same concepts (such as virginity), and once you look past the well-known 'Wisdom' role, Athena is, like Artemis, a huntress and warrior at base. You probably have more in common than you think, and your differences should make the couple stronger than the sum of the two individuals. I would recommend, to some extent, that you should live for the moment: find out how he feels, and see if you are in fact compatible while circumstances force you together; then when he has to move on you can make your decision. Of course, I wouldn't recommend going too far before making a permanent commitment; the last thing you want is for you and your paramour to be incinerated by a double dose of divine wrath just as you consummate your relationship!
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