Frying Pan and Fire...
Dear Mad Elf,
Even a man wise in the ways of the world and of our noble LORD knows when to seek advice: noble sir, I beseech you now to aid me with your understanding, for I find myself in desperate straits. Some days ago, whilst I was journeying in a foreign land, as is my wont, so to spread the word of our LORD, I had the misfortune to be accosted by the scoundrel protectors of a corrupt and heretical theocracy; a small matter, you might thinks. Yet, sir, no sooner had I freed myself from that wretched state, than I found myself the victim of a new form of imprisonment. At this time, I find myself upon a sailing ship which flies through the air as it might through water. I have procured for myself a means of escape, yet am held here by my concern at the scheming of its captain, a most notorious Easterner, slave of the pagan godling Ixion; he aims to attain great power for himself at the expense of others' souls. As he has in this life greater power with the sword and with the fist than have I, I am at a loss as to how to prevent disaster.
Yours in God,
Gil Martin
Mad Elf replies...
Well, this sounds like it's a fairly serious worry, but I'm sure you're not alone in this predicament. It's always useful to have a few other people around to talk things over with and lend a hand when needed; they're sure to have some ideas about what to do, and you listen to their ideas. But as with any relationship, you have to keep in mind what
you want as well.
So what
do you want? From what you say, I don't think you'd feel happy about just running away, and helping this infidel attain power is probably not an option either. So, assuming that you are correct about his schemes, the only course available to you is to try to stop him.
But what then? After all, the means to gain all this power will then be in
your grasp, and you'll have to decide what to do about it. After all, if the LORD has put such a reward your way, it would be a bad idea not to take it. (On the other hand, it could be a test of humility or something; you can never tell with LORDs.)
It would make things so much easier if you were to think it over now, rather than making a hasty decision later. And remember, if you do manage to stop this person, there are any companions you may have to think about too. What might
they want out of it?
So I would suggest you play along with the infidel for the moment, and work out what it is you want to do. Be careful about jumping to conclusions, though!
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