A wee while ago, my aunt and cousin decided to go to their local swimming pool, because they'd just introduced a Women Only night, and they thought it might be a bit more relaxing than a normal session. They got changed, and were going to the pool, when two women passed them. They were shocked to hear one of those women say to the other (in a voice intended to carry), "I didn't think they were going to let them in here!"
Not that my aunt or cousin is particularly notorious. No, the only possible reason for this insult is that they are white, and the other women were Asian.
Now, some people might find this hard to believe. But in fact, several of the public baths in my area have been petitioned to introduce "Asian Women Only" sessions.
Note the wording. Not Muslim women only, or Sikh women, or Hindu women, or any other religion-based restriction. Although I've never heard of any religion banning their women from being seen in swimming costumes by women of other religions, that would at least be understandable.
No, the petitioners are wanting segregation based on race, at its broadest level.
Don't get me wrong here. I'm glad I live in a multicultural society. I enjoy the variety of outlook, belief, and dress that it brings. As a pagan, I look forward to the total annihilation of the concept of Britain as a Christian country. And I've always believed that we owe a lot of our success as a country to the fact that we are mongrels; after all, alloys are stronger.
So, what do those two women want? Asian Only buses? Asian Only cinemas, schools, drinking fountains? If any conclusions can be drawn from their accent, they aren't first generation immigrants, but were born here. Are they so unhappy with the other inhabitants of their country that they want to be totally separated from us?
To people of their apparent turn of mind, I have two things to say:
If you want segregated facilities like swimming baths, get your racial community to pay for them out of its own pockets. Don't try to get the public facilities to give you special treatment; they're funded by taxes. I don't want to pay for something that you won't let me use.
...and, even though I despise the 'go back home' mentality...
We're happy to share this country with you; to let it be as much yours as it is ours. If you really don't like living beside white people, sod off to a country that doesn't have any.
(If anyone has any rational explanation for those women's behaviour and attitudes, please tell me about it.)
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