Skin trouble...
Dear Squeeky,
I have a somewhat embarassing problem. After a recent trip into space I found myself suffering from an unusual complaint of a dermatological nature.
The thing is, my skin tones, normally somewhat muted in nature, almost to the point of being chameleonic (in fact, exactly to the point of being chameleonic) have become, well, loud.
While I have nothing against bright colours, in appropriate settings, this colouration is making me feel really quite out of sorts. It also tends to make me a little bit more conspicuous than I would like when out on operations.
Still, it does seem to disconcert brainwasters, so its not all bad.
714 Xeno, Blue String Soup Team, Mort
Mad Elf replies...
I must admit I'm a bit stumped here. I've never heard that being in SPACE* could affect someone, even a stormer, that way. SPACE generally doesn't do that sort of thing.
(For that matter, I fail to see how a two-meter-plus tank stormer can be inconspicuous anywhere, regardless of skin colour.)
As far as I can see (aside from the unlikely event of your finding a cure), you have a choice.
(a) Become a media star, and play off your fractal technicolor epidermis to the hilt. Good gimmick, eh?
(b) Wear clothes.
* My SCL is lower than you think, slop.
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