A life in danger...
My dear Sir,
I am looking for your assistance in what I must admit may seem like quite a peculiar problem. As you are probably aware, I am the author of The Book of Werewolves, the most authoritative text on the werewolf kind. I do have one problem though, I am currently under threat from them - death threat. Considering I have been officially dead since 1924, I cannot go to the authorities for aid. Can you please advise? Please note my vampirism in this.
I must admit that I do have another problem. I am woof woof woof woof arf arf arf woof.
Arf arf,
Aroo, Ar-Ar-Aroo
Mad Elf replies...
This is serious. The runes tell me that you have very little time before your enemies catch up with you. What you have to do is...
Oops. Too late.
Oh dear.
Remember, readers, Mad Elf's advice is always good, but it ain't always in time.
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