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Hey Bud,
I'm getting out of the joint in about a month. I've got twelve and a half big ones stashed from a bank job I pulled a while back. My woman's going with my boss and he ain't too pleased cause he reckons some of those Gs are his and that cop whose face I broke, what I got done for, he ain't to pleased with me ether. In fact all of Chicago is getting pretty hot, Capone and all, and I gotta get out. So if you got a idea of a place to go or a line of work to get into I'll buy you a buy you a beer. Hey there getting kind of hard to come by these days.
Jack 'Lefty' Spelling.
If you don't mind me asking, what is a Runequest variant.

Mad Elf replies...
Hey Lefty! Congratulations on your parole. Let's see what we can do to keep you outside, and maybe in one piece, for a while.
Let's face it, the heat's going to be on you from all sides soon as you stick your nose out the gates. The further away from them you can get, the longer you'll stay healthy; and you'll need a cover job so you don't run out of dough too soon.
Word is there's plenty of room up around Boston for folk who know how to take care of themselves and don't worry about what it takes to do it. Some guys I know are always looking for muscle to help out on this or that, and they know all the moves to keep the G-men off your back. Don't worry about any dumb stories you hear about flying saucers or walking trees or fish-men; you'll get on fine. And don't ask what happened to the last guy neither. You don't want to know.
(And you don't want to know about Runequest variants, neither. 'Specially not ones that start with 'C'.)

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