Urban incivility...
Dear Mad Elf,
I wonder if you can give advice to a young nomad seeking his fortune. In the summer, after our raiding was done, I went to a city to buy some nice things for my family, and there I came across evidence of a murder in which dark sorcery was involved. I took the matter to the proper authorities, but discovered that these people are willing to commit murder themselves, and that such things are common in civilisation. I am not afraid of killing, but I think it should be honourable. I am ashamed to say that while with these people, and confused by a bad head injury, I too killed a man who did not deserve to die as he did. I fear that these civilised people have poisoned my honourable character. I do not want to bring shame on my people. I have left the city now, but I am not sure what to do. Is all the world as corrupt as this?
Yours sincerely,
Tækgar of Pent
Mad Elf replies...
I should allay your fears of corruption first, I think. Firstly, do not be worried that you have been 'poisoned' by exposure to 'civilisation'; the mere fact that you are concerned about it shows that you haven't. That sort of poison is insidious. Killing someone by accident or while confused is unfortunate, but it can happen to anyone, so I hope you won't punish yourself too much for it. Still, such things can be a burden on the soul, so you might consider seeking the advice of a priest or shaman whose wisdom you respect. Talking it over with friends often helps, too.
As for the corruption of 'civilisation'; well, I'm sorry to say that this is often the case. They tend to be very self-serving and don't appreciate the ties of family and tribe
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