Paranormal panic...
Hey the name's Toni,
Uh... don't have a last name but that's another story - or is it?
I work for the FBP (Federal Bureau of the Paranormal), and I think someone is out to get me. Uh... my 'team' is investigating some really weird stuff, we got people disappearing, people reappearing, people dying then coming back to life and really weird stuff. Anyway. Um... we were investigationg a group of children that like seemingly go nuts. People going nuts and killing themselves. Some guy even stabbed himself over a hundred times with an insulin needle. People falling off the tops of churches (uh... that was me). Anyway we found this kid right, And we think he's one of the kids that they did like experiments on, but outta some fluke the kid keeps on escaping, they are really after the kid now. But any way he had these scars on his abdomen right about the same place as his kidneys. Um... when I saw these scars I freaked out 'cause... uh... well, I got the same scars. Help. They're out to get me.
Mad Elf replies...
Hi Toni. Well. I would be very careful who you talk to about this sort of thing: you can never be sure who someone's working for. Watch your team carefully: they may be the only friends you have, and you have to be sure they're not reporting to someone else.
Obviously (for your own peace of mind if nothing else) you want to find out what's going on, and maybe help stop it. Try getting a good doctor or surgeon, someone completely unconnected to all this, to look at you. They should be able to tell if anyone added, removed or changed anything about you, and roughly how long it's been since it happened. It may be your only lead.
Watch your back, and good luck!
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